• Porch pirates are at the beach, lakes, and rivers too. Protect your Hundreds to Thousand-Dollar Smart Phones, Wallets or Keys etc. Perfect for beach outing, camping, tailgate party, or anytime using pop-up canopy.

    • Up to 40 Hours of Light! Multiple light settings – Rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries
    • Top-down Light reduces strain on the eyes caused by traditional lanterns
    • Steel Cable enforced Dial Combination Locking Straps
    • Deter fast acting thieves looking for bags, items wrapped in towels, shirts or hidden in ice chests
    • Get peace of mind without having to keep a constant eye out
    • Keep an eye out from a distance to easily spot anyone tampering with your canopy/site
    • Remote control access to your Vault and Light
    • Motorized Vault automatically lowers down to you and returns up for safekeeping
    • Ward off unwanted pests at night – Light-up your campsite from inside your tent or trailer
    • Automatic battery life management built in

    Join in on that volleyball game, build that sandcastle, be present in the moment. Intelligently designed to keep your valuables out of the sight, out of reach, and protected during those vulnerable moments while you are building memories with family and/or friends. Easily spot anyone attempting to tamper with your Vault or canopy from a distance.

    Beach Lock Box to Keep Your Valuables Safe | The Vault by Canopy Buddy