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Canopy Buddy – Best Camping Lights for Tent/Canopy in the US

We are enthusiasts committed to solving real-life problems of beachgoers, campers, and those who enjoy the outdoors. We understand the need to protect your valuables from opportunistic thieves on beaches, lakes, rivers, and other outdoor locations so that you can build memories with loved ones worry-free. We are also camping and music lovers that understand life is better with music and campsites safer when properly illuminated.

Help us reach those in need. With our Buddies Across the Globe (B.A.G.) mission, Canopy Buddy is committed to partnering with non-profit organizations to help clean up our planet, bring clean water, food, and school supplies to those in need across the globe. We believe these are crucial factors in helping people improve the quality of their lives. You can help us reach our goal of reaching those in need. Starting with our 4,501st unit sold, Canopy Buddy will donate up to 1% of our revenue through our Buddies Across the Globe (B.A.G.) mission.

With the set of intelligent camping accessories like “The Vault” and “The Quad-v”, we are here to ease worries, help create a comfortable, and safer environment. Our portable and durable products are designed to light up your campsite, protect your valuables, play your favorite music, and have a powerful rechargeable battery that makes them the longest-lasting portable LED Lantern available in the market.

The Vault is an exclusive outdoor accessory to carry whether you need camping lights for a tent/canopy or just hitting the beach, lake, river, etc. Keep your valuables protected, play games, read your favorite book, enjoy dinner, or just hang out in a well-lit area with this innovative product.

The Quad-v is among the most useful outdoor accessory for any occasion. This modern camping light for tent/canopy serves 5 functions. When set on the tabletop it shines light out and downwards. Adjust for height using the telescoping legs to illuminate your table and seating area while keeping your eyes protected from the light. Easily attaches to the top of the canopy frame to provide a top-down light source all while playing your favorite tunes via Bluetooth Speakers. Also, can be used as a Spotlight or handheld Lantern.

Canopy Buddy’s “The Vault” and “The Quad-v” are the two products to elevate your outdoor experience, and our first steps towards bringing security and comforts to the outdoors.

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Our Mission

We are on the mission to design and deliver smart canopy accessories that ensure peace of mind and provide comforts for those who enjoy the outdoors.

Logo Inspiration & History

Brave, strong, charismatic, tremendous willpower, great storyteller, liked to joke around, and always kept faith is how Edward (founder of Canopy Buddy) describes his father who was born July 6, 1944 in Ba, Fiji Islands.

My father’s favorite horseback on The Fiji Islands was Tom.  As Dad raised Tom, they formed a special bond and became buddies very quickly.  He taught Tom how to shake hands, take a bow, jump, and stand on two legs.  Dad and Tom were unbeatable racing others up & down mountains, and even across rivers.  No obstacles could slow them down.  They were inseparable.  Back then portable cameras were not readily available in Fiji and so Dad rode Tom about 4 miles into town (Tavua, Fiji) so this picture could be taken (circa 1965).  – Edward

Canopy Buddy - Portable Safe For Beachgoers & Campers

Buy Beach Safe Lock Box

If you are looking for a modern, multipurpose, and durable safety vault to protect your valuable from opportunistic thieves, then it’s time to buy Canopy Buddy’s beach safe lock box. To order a beach lockbox, please click here to learn more about the product, you can also call us at 714-674-9005.

Useful Features of Pop-up Canopy Accessories


Useful Features of Pop-up Canopy Accessories

Order The Vault and The Quad-v online now for delivery.

Please click here https://canopybuddy.com/contact-us/ to learn more about our products, or call 714-654-9005 with any questions.


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