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About Us

Welcome to Canopy Buddy
Your Partner in Outdoor Comfort, Security, and Adventure!

At Canopy Buddy, we’re more than just enthusiasts – we’re problem solvers dedicated to enhancing the outdoor experience for beachgoers, campers, and nature lovers alike. Our mission is to tackle real-life challenges faced by outdoor enthusiasts, creating products that ensure worry-free adventures and unforgettable memories with loved ones.

Innovative Solutions: Picture this: you’re at your favorite beach, by the tranquil lakeside, or deep in the heart of a forest. The sun sets, and the fun doesn’t have to stop. Introducing our flagship products – “The Vault” and “The Quad-v” – designed to revolutionize your outdoor escapades.

The Vault: Discover the modern marvel that is “The Vault.” This multipurpose, remote-controlled canopy light features a motorized lockbox, ensuring your valuables are safe, secure, and out of sight. Whether you’re lounging on the beach, enjoying a lakeside picnic, or camping under the stars, “The Vault” provides you with peace of mind and a well-lit environment. Say goodbye to worries and hello to cherished moments.

The Quad-v: Unleash the power of “The Quad-v,” the ultimate outdoor accessory. This versatile camping light for tents and canopies offers five functions in one sleek design. Illuminate your surroundings with downward and tabletop lighting, adjust its height for optimum coverage, and enjoy your favorite tunes through its Bluetooth speakers. Need a spotlight or a handheld lantern? “The Quad-v” has you covered.

Our Commitment: But our journey doesn’t end with product innovation. We’re committed to making a positive impact on a global scale. Through our Buddies Across the Globe (B.A.G.) mission, we collaborate with non-profit organizations to bring clean water, food, school supplies, and a better quality of life to those in need. With every Canopy Buddy product you purchase, you contribute to this noble cause. Together, we can light up lives and communities.

Join the Movement: Join us in shaping the future of outdoor adventures. Let’s transform campsites into havens of security and comfort. With Canopy Buddy, you’re not just getting exceptional products; you’re becoming part of a community dedicated to exploration, relaxation, and making the world a better place.

Canopy Buddy’s “The Vault” and “The Quad-v” are the two products to elevate your outdoor experience, and our first steps towards bringing security and comforts to the outdoors.

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Our Mission

We are on the mission to design and deliver smart canopy accessories that ensure peace of mind and provide comforts for those who enjoy the outdoors.

Logo Inspiration & History

Brave, strong, charismatic, tremendous willpower, great storyteller, liked to joke around, and always kept faith is how Edward (founder of Canopy Buddy) describes his father who was born July 6, 1944 in Ba, Fiji Islands.

My father’s favorite horseback on The Fiji Islands was Tom.  As Dad raised Tom, they formed a special bond and became buddies very quickly.  He taught Tom how to shake hands, take a bow, jump, and stand on two legs.  Dad and Tom were unbeatable racing others up & down mountains, and even across rivers.  No obstacles could slow them down.  They were inseparable.  Back then portable cameras were not readily available in Fiji and so Dad rode Tom about 4 miles into town (Tavua, Fiji) so this picture could be taken (circa 1965).  – Edward

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