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The Quad-v

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The Quad-v


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Coming Early 2023!
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The QUAD-v is a versatile, modern Lantern and Canopy Light with Bluetooth Speakers. Why carry separate items when The QUAD-v does it all. It has powerful and rechargeable LED light with a Bluetooth speaker that can be used as a tabletop light, canopy light, handheld lantern, or a spotlight all while playing your favorite tunes. Useful on any occasion whether you’re a camper, beachgoer, hiker, or just love listening to music while creating memories.

This unique speaker with light comes with remote control and easily attaches to the top of the canopy to provide a top-down light source that illuminates in a natural way for less strain on your eyes. When set on the tabletop it shines light out and downwards. Adjust for your height using the telescoping legs to illuminate your table and seating area while keeping your eyes protected from the light.

  • Remote-controlled light with rechargeable battery
  • Powerful Bluetooth speakers
  • Muti-functional, lightweight, and user-friendly
  • Telescopic legs to adjust the height
  • Easily hooks to attach to the top inside the center of the canopy


Quad-v : The Best Camping Speaker with LED lights

Canopy Buddy’s The Quad-v (Tabletop and Bluetooth Speaker With LED light is the perfect 2-in-1 product for entertaining while enjoying the outdoors.

Enjoy your favorite sound tracks with wireless Bluetooth Quad-Channel Speaker. Let the fun continue after dark by either using the Tabletop Light or Canopy Light features (remote controlled).

Enjoy moments that build lifelong bonds and memories while gathered with family and friends. Two interconnecting straps attaches to popup type canopy frames for Top-down Light Source. No more harsh lights in your eyes from tabletop lanterns at eye level. Or place on table and use the Extendable Legs (extends additional 8 inches) to light up the table and seating area.

Our Tabletop Light shines down and out to prevent harsh light from hitting directly in your eyes. Eat dinner, play board games, color and read etc. under proper lighting while enjoying the outdoors (high, med, & low settings).

3 Color Low Light/Mood Lighting options for tabletop side. Never buy batteries again with built in rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries. Fully charged batteries allows for up to XX hours of light on highest setting or XX hours on lowest setting. XX hours while streaming music on the Bluetooth speaker. While camping – hear a strange sound in the dark at night?

Use the Remote Control to light up your campsite from inside your tent or trailer to scare away animals. This product also makes a great addition for Home Emergency use during Blackouts.

Additional information

This one-of-a-kind, 2-in-1 portable Bluetooth speaker and a remote-controlled LED light will illuminate your canopy and campsite, keeping it safer after dark. The lights come with three different light modes – high, medium, and low to adjust brightness as needed. Tabletop mode offers mood lighting colors red, green, and blue.

Dimensions 8 × 8 × 4.5 in

Canopy Buddy


Canopy Buddy

Extended Height

Adjustable up to 12.5 inches


Lithium Ion Batteries (Included)





Type of Bulb


If you are interested in learning more about The QUAD-v, then feel free to call us on 714-654-9005 or contact our team at https://canopybuddy.com/contact-us/.

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