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The Vault – A LED Camping Light with Portable Lock Box

The Vault – A LED Camping Light with Portable Lock Box

The Vault – A LED Camping Light with Portable Lock Box

Do you love camping, trekking, mountaineering, etc.? Do you love spending time on the beach with your friends and family? If so, you will be aware of all the necessary camping accessories you need to carry with you to ensure your experience is pleasant and not full of suffering. Along with useful camping accessories like camping lights, tents, fire starters, mosquito repellents, etc., one more thing you need to carry with you is a portable lock box like The Vault.

A portable lock box is a small safety vault that is usually carried by tourists and everyone who loves to spend time outdoors. It is used to protect valuable belongings outdoors when you are busy having good times with your family and creating memories. It can be used to protect valuables like smartphones, keys, wallets, money, and more. Thus, just like any other camping accessory “Portable Lock Box” has also become one of the most important camping accessories.

When looking for a portable safety vault in the market, you will find plenty of options. But, instead of buying a portable lock box separately, try to find a camping accessory that serves more than one purpose. For instance, The Vault. The latter is a modern and innovative camping lantern designed and developed by a product development company – GID. This amazing camping lantern has a password-protected safety vault that can be used to protect your valuables on the beach or anywhere outdoors.

Buy the Vault – A Camping Light with Portable Lock Box

Designed and developed by a team of enthusiasts, committed to solving real-life problems of beachgoers, campers, and those who enjoy the outdoors. This amazing camping accessory ensures that your valuables are out of sight of opportunistic thieves wandering around your camps/tents.

The Vault is extremely lightweight, portable, and easy to use. It can hang upside down from the center of the tent /canopy with the help of a durable strap that can be accessed using a remote control. Moreover, its build quality is so amazing that it can easily withstand normal wear and tear; thus, you don’t have to care or worry more about it.

Why consider buying The Vault?

  1. Up to 40+ hours of lighting on a single charge
  2. Made of durable raw materials
  3. Durable steel cable
  4. Lightweight and portable
  5. Attractive and affordable
  6. Combination password-protected safety vault
  7. 100% peace of mind guaranteed
  8. Keeps your valuables far from the sight of thieves
  9. Remote-controlled accessible light and vault

Order Online – An Innovative Portable Lock Box

So, if you to enjoy stress-free holidays on the beach and mountains without worrying about your valuables, then it’s time to buy The Vault – a portable lock box by Canopy Buddy. This useful camping accessory not only illuminates your camping site after sunset but also keeps your valuables out of the sight of opportunistic thieves wandering around your campsite or tents. To learn more about The Vault, you can visit the official website of Canopy Buddy. You can also call us at 714-654-9005 to learn more about our product, its uses, and how to order in bulk.

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