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Camping Lights – Here’s the Best One for Your Next Trip

Camping Lights – Here’s the Best One for Your Next Trip

Camping Lights – Here’s the Best One for Your Next Trip

Camping lights play a crucial role in making you feel safe and protected outdoors when the sun goes down. It illuminates your campsite and allows you to do activities such as playing games, cooking food, reading books, relaxing under the stars, and more. Thus, it is important to buy a camping lantern that perfectly fits your requirements.

There are many different types of camping lights offered in the market, but don’t get attracted towards the attractive designs or fluorescent colors. Instead, go for the qualities of a camping lantern. Whether you are buying camping lights online or visiting a store near you, always prefer a camping lantern that is multipurpose, durable, offers enough light, and is affordable. However, if you are unable to find multipurpose camping lights for your next trip, then we have 2 amazing options for you.

  1. The Vault
  2. The Quad-v

About The Vault: Designed and developed by a team of enthusiasts, The Vault is an innovative camping light for modern campers, beachgoers, trekkers, and everyone who loves to spend time outdoors. This one-of-a-kind camping light comes with a password-protected safety vault. It means, when you are enjoying the outdoors, you don’t have to worry about your expensive valuables such as mobile phones, keys, money, wallets, etc. It keeps your belongings protected and far from the sight of opportunistic thieves roaming around your campsite and tents.

Moreover, The Vault is extremely lightweight, portable, and durable; thus, you can easily carry it with you to illuminate your tent and surroundings when the sun goes down. It is powered by an 8X li-ion battery to keep your campsite illuminated for up to 40 hours. Below are some more amazing features of one of the best camping lights:

  1. Up to 40 Hours of Light
  2. Multiple light settings
  3. Rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries
  4. Top-down Light reduces strain on the eyes
  5. Steel Cable enforced Dial Combination Locking Straps
  6. Inbuilt, password-protected safety vault
  7. Remote control access to your Vault and Light
  8. Automatic battery life management built-in

Buy The Vault – A Camping Light with Safety Vault

If you are worried about your belongings like smartphones, wallets, keys, and more while enjoying the outdoors with your family and friends, then The Vault is the perfect solution. It is a camping light with a hidden safety vault (password protected). You can keep all your belongings safe in a password-protected safety vault and illuminate your campsite at the night. To make your next trip more memorable, safe, and enjoyable, buy The Vault today.

About The Quad-v: It is yet another amazing camping light for everyone who loves multitasking. The Quad-v is a lightweight and portable camping light that has an inbuilt Bluetooth speaker. Now, illuminate your campsite and listen to your favorite music at the same time. It has powerful and rechargeable LED light with a Bluetooth speaker that can be used as a tabletop light, canopy light, handheld lantern, or spotlight all while playing your favorite tunes. Some of the amazing features of The Quad-v:

  • Remote-controlled light with rechargeable battery
  • Powerful Bluetooth speakers
  • Multi-functional, lightweight, and user-friendly
  • Telescopic legs to adjust the height
  • Easily hooks to attach to the top inside the center of the canopy

Buy The Quad-v: A Camping Light with Bluetooth Speaker

After The Vault, The Quad-v is another amazing camping accessory you should consider buying for your next outdoor trip. It is one of the most amazing and innovative camping lights that can escalate your outdoor experience. To learn more about The Quad-v, please visit https://canopybuddy.com/product/the-quad-v/ and to pre-order The Quad-v at discounted prices, feel free to contact us today.

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